WCSMF Summer Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is the academic jewel of the WCSMF-Team to Win program. Since the inception in 1996 the sports medicine intern mentoring program has graduated over 5,000 students. Each year, students with an interest in sports medicine participate in the FREE educational workshops for students who want to pursue careers in sports medicine and athletic training.

The WCSMF offers both beginning and advanced workshops, in addition to ongoing internships for high school students dedicated to pursuing careers in sports medicine. The Team to Win mentoring program allows high school students the opportunity to explore the field of sports medicine. The mentoring program is an educational outreach program designed to encourage interest in the field of medicine and facilitate opportunities to explore different medical disciplines and careers. The Foundation’s goal is to provide guidance for students in the field of sports medicine and provide resources to assist students in choosing a career path. We provide guest speakers in the field of sports medicine to discuss their profession with the students in the mentoring program.

The program emphasizes these primary topics: First Aid/CPR/AED, careers in Sports Medicine, speakers from different medical professions, college opportunities in sports medicine, injury recognition, injury treatment and rehabilitation, emergency management care of injuries, wound care, taping, bandaging, and splinting.

Contact the WCSMF at 310-726-0750 or events@wcsportsmed.com  with questions.

Certified Athletic Trainer Faculty

  • Jana Austin, ATC
  • Jasmin Dresser, ATC
  • Adee Donaldson, ATC
  • Danna Dye, ATC
  • Coreyon Edwards, ATC
  • Kirsten Farrell, ATC
  • Monica Hernandez, ATC
  • Jennifer Hernandez, ATC
  • Arbhie Guce, ATC
  • Ariel Guldstrand, ATC
  • Mark Hibbard, ATC
  • Lori Ikari, ATC
  • Jayme Jenkins, ATC
  • David Martinez, ATC
  • Octavio Marquez, ATC
  • Dawnie Nishijima, ATC
  • Marc Reichling, ATC
  • Mayra Ruiz, ATC
  • Jill Sleight, ATC, Director
  • Vivian Tanudjaja, ATC
  • Ryan Yamakawa, ATC
  • Jasmine Velasquez, ATC
  • Davion White, ATC