The West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation - Team To Win held its first VIRTUAL Summer Mentoring camp which ran through August 15th and 16th, 2020.

With over 150+ registrants, the camp provided an opportunity for students to engage with ATCs in the high school, college, and professional sectors of athletics. Lecture topics included: Basic Anatomy, Understanding Vital Signs

“Preventing Shock”, First-Aid Care, Joint Actions & Range of Motion, Concussions, and various taping workshops.

We received great feedback from our campers, here are some below!

"This was the first sports medicine camp/workshop I've ever participated in and it was worth

it since I plan on becoming an athletic trainer myself."

"I loved how all the athletic trainers were passionate with what they were talking about. It

really made this virtual experience really interesting"

"I loved the energy of every class! I wish the classes were longer! Keep up the good work and

thank you for the amazing lectures and the guest speakers were inspirational!"

Faculty Included:

Jill Sleight, ATC, executive director, Danna Dye, ATC, Jennifer Hernandez, ATC, Davion White, ATC, Bobby Walls, ATC, Marc Reichling, ATC, Monica Hernandez, ATC, Jasmine Velasquez, ATC, Arbhie Guce, ATC, Lori Ikari, ATC, Kirsten Farrell, ATC, Keith Oshiro, Technical Director.

Special Guest Speakers:

Courtney Watson, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer of the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks, and Jana Austin, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, NBA Brooklyn Nets